About us

About us

Elastop, your partner for expert jointing

Need a partner for jointing on joinery, walls, sanitary fittings or concrete? Are you looking for anti-slip systems for wood applications? Elastop is your professional jointer with an eye for detail.

Elastic jointing

Elastop was set up in 1996, but our business manager Dirk Verschaeren has already been in the sector since 1985. He serves joiners and both small and large contractors with elastic jointing for windows, doors, façades, walls, floors, sanitary fittings and concrete.

Initially we were engaged in bigger façade works and the renovation of various structural joints, often with our own suspended platform. Today we specialise in all sorts of elastic jointing.

For our sealants we use a high-quality polyurethane that contracts and expands according to the ambient temperature. The jointing therefore has a favourable effect on the insulation, airtightness and watertightness of residential or professional buildings. The polyurethane is available in various colour shades. In this way it can be matched to the appearance of the building for a tip-top end result.

Anti-slip grooves in wood

In 2008 Dirk started working for a company specialising in hardwood. There he was appointed to market a new anti-slip system to take cyclists and walkers safely over (hard)wood floor parts: Safe Wood Walking. With Elastop we are now delivering one successful project after another.

For these anti-slip systems for wood we also use a superior polyurethane coating which we install in a suitable milled groove. We then create a wear-resistant sand mixture that we spread on the adhesive layer which after hardening forms a durable anti-slip strip. The number of strips that we install (beforehand in the workshop or on site) is decided in consultation with the customer. We do however work exclusively with durable, very stable hardwood.


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