Elastic jointing

Elastic jointing


Aesthetic and durable jointing

Time for jointing after external joinery, a façade renovation or cleaning? Choose a professional jointer who pays just as much attention to the finish of your property as you. After more than 25 years Elastop has built up real expertise in elastic jointing and anti-slip systems for wood applications.

Why choose elastic jointing?

Better insulation

To avoid cracks or coming loose, you are best to choose quality elastic jointing that contracts and expands according to the weather conditions. This ensures that the insulation, airtightness and watertightness of the home or building is guaranteed.

Reliable quality

We offer solutions for every application. Are you looking for a jointer for a residential or professional building? At Elastop we choose a joint of high-quality polyurethane. We have the right materials and skill to make jointing that is UV-resistant, fireproof or resistant to chemicals and which therefore remain intact for years.

Aesthetic finish

Beauty lies in the smallest details. At Elastop we not only choose quality products, we also ensure that the joint is applied cleanly and is a perfect colour match for the property. We apply the sealants for windows, as well as doors, façades, walls and floors and for sanitary fittings and concrete.


Fine, but strong sealants?

Elastop is the sealant installer you are looking for!