Safe Wood Walking

Anti-slip systems


Discrete anti-slip systems for wooden floorboards

A terrace, path, scaffolding or stairs clad with hardwood floorboards ensures a beautiful appearance, but can become extremely slippery in moist weather or when worn. To keep it safe (and beautiful), you can count on Elastop for the discrete and safe anti-slip systems of Safe Wood Walking.

What does our anti-slip system involve?

We either prepare the safegrip floorboards in our own workshop or we provide the anti-slip system on site.

We first fill 1, 2 or more grooves per beam or board with a high-quality polyurethane coating. During the hardening process we put granular sand into the adhesive layer. This ensures that the granular sand sinks into the mass and does not lie on the surface, so that the smooth adhesion layer does not come off in case of wear. Timber merchants as well as municipal and city authorities call upon the reliable service of Elastop.

The advantages of anti-slip grooves

  • A wear layer or anti-slip coating over the whole surface chokes the wood. By just putting granular sand in a few grooves, the colour, look and structure of the wood remains intact.
  • The granular sand comes in various colour shades, which makes it possible to match the appearance to a home or building. Grey is often chosen: very discrete and stylish in dry weather, very visible in rain because the wet planks discolour.
  • After more than 25 years as a professional jointer we always deliver a faultless result. We use high-quality material, because the anti-slip grooves remain intact, year after year.
  • Thanks to this anti-slip system we can nowadays still choose beautiful wooden flooring without compromising on safety.
  • We fit the anti-slip system on durable and very stable wood. You decide how many strips are inserted per beam.


Curious about the price tag?

Give us your details and we will prepare a quotation for you.